Music & works by Matt "Wake" Hettich


Wake is Matthew Michael Ahern Hettich, a SANTA FE, NM based electronic musician.

Matthew was born in Miami, FL but soon emigrated to the floating cloud city/colony CP09E8, currently in orbit around Europa. It was there he apprenticed with Strand Trank, the universally renown master digi-organic sound craftsman. It was Strand Trank who introduced Matthew to the Renoise Lifestyle Group (R.L.G.) and the associated Clan of the Kick Drum (C.o.t.K.D.), where he learned to properly honor the Great Square Wave. 

After Leaving CP09E8 for the ceremonial Fast Fourier Transform, Matthew settled briefly in Los Angeles, CA, where, during the recent Comet Crisis, he met fellow R.L.G. member, Denny Denny Breakfast with whom he runs the Total Fucking Pizza Party. It was also in L.A. that he began to roll with the notorious "PROXIMAL RECORDS" collective.

L8R, He got down with Schematic Records.

It was the death of Strand Trank that motivated Matthew to move to Oakland, CA, to seek counsel with the last remaining Sawtooth of the C.o.t.K.D., Vibroy "Honest" James. Before emigrating to p408, "Honest" blessed Matthew with the Sacred Flange, which he stands guard, always holding the Traditional Phasor.